Sunday, January 3, 2010

Watching football

I LOVE football. I adored my dad and when I was growing up he loved watching football so I would watch with him. He taught me all about the game. We started watching the Seahawks from the very beginning. I remember Jim Zorn and Steve Largent, what perfection they could be together. I heard Jim Zorn is going to lose his head coaching position with the Washington Redskins and I think that's a shame. I hope someone else gives him a try. I also remember some of the crazy plays they used to run and sometimes they even worked!

When Debbie and I were 21 or 22, we were gifted with tickets when her mom and stepdad couldn't go-great seats and so much fun! I was over the moon in love with Jacob Green. Saw him up close a few times-his neck was as big as a tree trunk. When we didn't have tickets, we would often go to one of the bars next to the King Dome and watch the game with other FWOT's (Fans With Out Tickets). Debbie had gone to high school with one of the cheerleaders so we were on the fringe of the football in-crowd. Often players would come in after the game and that was so much fun!

When I moved to Indiana for grad school, I had to add another favorite team, the Indianapolis Colts. I must say, it's a bit more satisfying to root for the Colts:) But the Seahawks will always be my number one team, win or lose! I could only see one or two Seahawk games a year back there. I'd scour the schedule and try to find a game that would air on tv in Bloomington, IN. Thank goodness for the internet so I could at least find out how the game was going. I also was at Indiana University when Antwaan Randle-El was playing there. The joke used to be that if it was a legal move, then he could just throw the ball and run and catch it himself and we might actually win a game or two.

Football is something I'm very much looking forward to sharing with Elliott. I watch football all day long on Sundays and I can't wait to watch with him. We'll have popcorn and juice, maybe grill hot dogs or hamburgers, and it will be a ritual we share. I think rituals are very important to help us bond as a family. I look forward to creating many rituals with Elliott, from bedtime stories to dinner at the table to watching football. I sure hope he likes it!


Jschmalle said...

Does he really have a choice? I mean to like Harry Potter and football?

Julie said...

Of course, he will have a choice! But I would be seriously surprised if he didn't!

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