Tuesday, June 23, 2009


And the livin' is easy...or so goes the song. I'm one of those weirdos who don't really like summer vacation. It's too long! I like structure and routine. I like school! I wish we had year round school with two week breaks and then a five week break in summer. It's an anachronistic schedule that no longer serves us well, especially the students I serve. I'm a Title I teacher and so I teach reading to struggling students. They would be so much better served in a year round model. It really is better for all the kids. There are some very innovative programs out there and I hope we start moving towards a better model for our kids.

No new news on Elliott/Dimy. Children are coming home from the creche and new babies are being admitted so that means more and more children are moving through the Haitian adoption maze. He is never far from my mind, though.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am finding it a bit easier to think of "my son". It is starting to feel more natural. I carry pix with me wherever I go and show him off. I am on a forum for families adopting from the same creche (orphanage) and was sent a story about Dimy that just melted my heart. A little girl was in the crib next to him and her parents were leaving and saying goodbye and she was crying. Dimy reached over and patted her on the head as if to say "it's ok". I have heard from quite a few families who have met him and they all say he is so sweet. I can't wait to meet him!

My computer was acting up last night and so this is a continuation of last evening's post. I was on the forum again today (surprise, surprise!) and one of the other moms posted that she was in Haiti right now to pick up her son and she would go and check on Dimy! Then she posted again and said he is WALKING!! Yeah! I was a little worried since he wasn't walking two months ago. Dimy came right up to her and let her hold him and kiss him. She said he sat down next to another baby and was rubbing that baby's back. I love these stories about him. I am so excited. And to hear about him being so caring to the other children, that is so awesome in so many ways. Attachment can be an issue for many of these children and this shows that he can care for others. I also love knowing that he observes the world around him and reacts in a loving way. I feel so very, very blessed. I really just have so much love in my heart for him and it grows every day.

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