Sunday, May 24, 2009

We are a family!

Good, great, exciting, surreal news-baby Dimy is mine and I am his! He is 19 months old and so cute. i got the paperwork last week and its taken me a week or so to write about it because it has taken awhile to sink in. I'm getting more comfortable saying "my son" and I really think he looks like an Elliot so I am calling him that as well. I wish I could go pcik him up tomorrow but it will still be a year or so before I can bring him home. I manot sure if I'll be able to go and meet him this summer or not. My dossier has to be in IBESR (like DSHS here) before I can go. I'm just so anxious to hold him and talk to him and let him know how much I love him and what life will belike for us.

I am rearranging my condo and making a room for him. I've started knitting a baby blanket, just a really simple patterna nd three colors-chocolate, blue, and green. I am also moving and painting all kinds of things here and will probably need a good part of the summer to finish everything I want to accomplish.

So now I wait again but knowing my baby is waiting for me makes it so much better!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And now we wait...

That's the royal we-I'm including all my family and friends. I FINALLY have all the glitches fixed. I had to send five documents to the state to be authenticated (they have to certify that the notary is a real notary) then off to Chicago again so the Haitian consulate can register the documents. This is the same path all of my other documents have gone down. I got them back and sent them to Chances for Children office in Portland, OR. From there they go to Haiti! So I can only pray that they pick me and will let my little boy and I be matched forever.

It's Mother's Day coming up-wouldn't that be a lovely present?I have ignored Mother's Day for about six or so years, ever since my hysterectomy. I am planning to hang out with my family this year. We are going to the zoo, if it doesn't rain, and then to Jennifer and Rob's for dinner. It should be fun! I love the zoo.

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