Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just waiting

I now have every piece of paperwork except for one. I am dying to get this show on the road! I want a baby so much. I have bought a few things to keep my spirits up in anticipation of getting the baby. Oddly enough, they are for me. I bought a chest of drawers and a queen headboard from a wonderful unfinished furniture shop that went out of business so had some great deals. I will buy a queen mattress as soon as the kids move out. I want to have a big bed so the baby can sleep with me at the beginning. I was planning to paint them but the wood is so beautiful I think I'm just going to put a finish coat on it. I also bought a 7 ft bookcase. I will use my other bookcase that is long and very open to put in the baby's room and use baskets for her clothes and stuff. It really does help to be making plans and creating spaces for her.

I plan to get some pix up of the kitties and the condo soon.

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