Monday, October 26, 2009

Elliott is 2 today!

Elliott's birthday is today. I've been just a whirlwind of emotions. Looking forward to all the birthdays we will have together. Wondering what his birth was like. I know it was at home. Happy to have a son whose birthday I can celebrate. Desperately sad that he's not here to wish him happy birthday, make him a cake, shower him with presents, and hug him and tell him how much he is loved. Thankful that we are in Parquet, I never thought we would be here so fast. Thankful that he is only two and I'll have lots of time to read to him and help him get caught up. But I'd rather have all these lovely, mixed emotions because they mean I'm almost a mama.

Please consider donating to Elliott's orphanage. Here's the URL:

We are having a food box drive but checks are always gladly accepted!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Haiti, Here I come!

I'm finally going to Haiti to meet my son! I am so excited! I'm really nervous, too. I've been reading through blogs of other adoptive parents and I know that I can't expect too much at first. I'm a stranger to Elliott, after all. It's funny, because I look at his pictures all the time and he is on my mind all the time. My heart is so full of love for him and he really feels like my son, yet he has no idea who I am except for some pictures. I am excited to meet Elliott so he can know me. And I also just cannot wait to hold him and kiss those cheeks!

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