Friday, April 17, 2009


Wow, I think this has been the most stressful two weeks of my life. My dossier has over 100 pages! I got everything back from the Haitian Consulate in Chicago and then had to copy everything eight times. It all had to be sorted into the perfect order and the copies had to be as well. My friend Cheryl from school went through the originals and the first copy to make sure it was in order. We found three errors! I had looked through those papers so many times. So then I got it sent to my adoption counselor in Montana. Overnight express! She then looked through everything and found two papers I hadn't done correctly and she needed them today! So I scrambled around and again, people were beyond helpful and I got the papers done. I have to send the originals to a different person who will then send the COMPLETED dossier to Haiti. I should know if this little boy is mine within the next two weeks.

I can only thank God for the blessings I have been given these last two weeks. I have been abundantly blessed by the kindness of strangers and friends these last two weeks. I have often joked with God that I don't need a brick upside the head to pay attention and listen, but sometimes God still has to whack me a time or two. If I ever had any doubts about adoption or this baby, they are completely gone. When God makes everything go so smoothly it is up to me to give thanks and understand the messages God is sending. Faith has gotten me through these weeks and months and I am grateful to be able to rely on my faith to get me through whatever is to come.

Some big thank you's to:
Cheryl, Jessica, Debbie, and Jennifer for listening and encouraging me.
The people in Washington state's Apostile office for returning my documents the next day.
The Haitian Consulate.
Pam and Lorraine at the ISD admin office.
My adoption counselor Cyndi.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Boy? A BOY!

This must be what it feels to find out you are pregnant but it's very early and you don't know if the baby will be OK. I MAY have a baby! A baby boy! I know, I've always wanted a girl but when my adoption counselor called and told me about a two month old baby boy it just seemed right. The first orphanage I was going through remembered me and asked for me. I had switched orphanages because my adoption counselor recommended I try Foyer de Sion because Chances 4 Children had all their children matched and it would take much longer to get a match through them. I hustled and sent papers off and the papers came back super fast and the dossier is complete! I am sending a slew of papers to the Haitian consulate in Chicago. I am sending the I-600a form off soon as well.

So back to the baby boy...I cannot believe how wonderfully right this feels. I believe God has made this happen for me for a reason and I was supposed to be open and ready for a child, boy or girl. I am absolutely over the moon happy! I can't wait to be a mom. This makes it feel even more real. I won't know for a week or two if this baby boy is definitely mine. Once he is I am going to be planning a trip to Haiti as soon as I can. I've got names and colors to think about and my cousin gave me her changing table. I will have to get some boy color yarn to make a blanket! Please keep me and my baby boy in your thoughts and prayers.

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