Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Please pray for Haiti

My son and his orphanage are all ok. The building sustained some damage. I haven't heard from all the bloggy friends I follow yet. Please pray for them and everyone in Haiti. What a horribly tragic thing to happen to a horribly tragic country.


amie fraley said...

Hi, we are adopting from Haiti (still in IBESR) and we, too, have received word our orphanage is damaged but had no injuries. I'm trying to coordinate an effort among all of us waiting parents in an attempt to get our children home and help alleviate what will surely be even more need at the orphanages. My thought is to plan a "conference" in Miami, FL and fly the Haitian personnel necessary up to complete the adoptions, issue visas, etc. all in one weekend/week. I think if we can join together and contact our lawmakers with the numbers and reasons, they can see that we can make a small difference very soon. I'm going to start a blog and a facebook page to circulate the idea. Thanks, and good luck with your adoption, I'm happy to hear your child is safe!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Julie - I will pray for you and for everyone with Haitian loved ones. I pray that your baby will be with you soon!!!

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